Welcome to my "new look" website

Hi everyone and welcome to my “new look” website. I really love it and I hope you do too.

We were invited to a “Ninja Turtle” 4th birthday party this weekend and I have to say I loved the wonderful setup, decor and foods. I was lucky enough to design the invitation for the event but the rest of the stuff was all done by the mom.

There were green helium balloons tied to the chairs as well as a few actual Ninja Turtle balloon strung around. On the table were lots of sweets, chips, a Ninja Turtle cake as well as very yummy cupcakes also decorated to the theme. I didn’t manage to grab one in time but my hubby definitely enjoyed his. The juice bottles were small green buddy bottles, each with a piece of red tape around and googly eyes stuck on, such a cute idea.

Then instead of the normal party packets/boxes the kids were each given a pizza box with a ninja turtle picture and “thanks for partyin’ with me” printed and stuck on the front with a few goodies inside.

All in all a great party which we all enjoyed and by the amounts of moan and groans the begging to stay for “5 more minutes” from the boys when it was time to leave they enjoyed themselves.

If you are planning a TMNT party here are a few ideas I found around the web to help inspire you.


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